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PREPA – the platform for scientific discussions on heterogeneous catalysts preparation

September 11, 2013

The 11th International Symposium on the “Scientific Bases for the Preparation of Heterogeneous Catalysts” will be held in Louvain-la-Neuve, from 6 till 10 July 2014.

I have been taking part of this symposium (PREPA9) for the first time in 2006, at the end of my Master thesis. Back then I was proud of having carried out my first research project, with some convincing results in the pocket. I had just decided to stay on track and to start a PhD. 4 years later, I attended PREPA10 with my doctoral diploma in hand. Now I am a member of the organizing committee.

Putting my “personnal feelings” aside, I have to say that this symposium is very different from any other international meetings that we all are used to attend. Several specificities of PREPA deserve being metioned because they make PREPA so special:

1. this congress is organized by academics but with a strong commitment of the industry. In fact all abstracts submitted will be evaluated by a scientific commitee exclusively composed of industrial experts. Thus, rocket science is more than welcome. Fundamental research also. But keep in mind that you have to convince industry guys that your work is of primary interest.

2. the topic is strictly defined. PREPARATION of heterogeneous catalyst. Communications can be about various (new?) reactions, performed with various (new?) catalytic formulations, studied with various (new?) characterization tools,… But the heart of the message should be about preparation. New, improved, better understood preparation of heterogeneous catalysts.

3. PREPA always keeps a reasonable size. Number of participants is limited both by choice and for practical reasons (350 participants at most). This has two important consequences

– a large rate of rejection. Unlike all huge science congresses where it is more difficult to get rejected than accepted (at least for a poster), only the best communcations are selected. geting a oral commucation accepted at PREPA really means something. Getting aposter accepted at PREPA, too.

– there are no parallel sessions. Everybody in the same amphitheater! Instead of running the corridors from one room to another, poeple tend to attend most of the presentations.

4. Finally, the symposium is held in Louvain-La-Neuve. One of the weirdest student city on Earth! (ask erasmus students about it) And the legendary “Belgian cheese and beer dinner” is always a succes 😉

Looking forward to meeting you there!

Call for abstract is still open ; but closing soon…

You can also follow @PREPA11 on Twitter


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