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Heterogeneous catalysis on Twitter

November 12, 2014

This is a collection of twitter accounts that are specifically dedicated or partly related to catalysis. For those wishing to follow the trends and news in the field, the list can be followed directly on Twitter here. I arbitrarily decided to focus on heterogeneous (bio)catalysis, so you might not find your favorite organometallic catalysis expert.

You can find in the list:

– Dedicated scientific journals: mainly advertising for their contents (@J_Catalysis, @ACSCatalysis, @CatalysisSciTec, etc.)

– Active researchers: sometimes communicating on their research, sometimes commenting the TV show, the weather or the local politics… (I do it too, mea culpa)

– Institutions: labs, groups, institutes, like , , , , , etc.

– Catalyst companies (e.g. , , ): business trends, innovation, market information, etc.

– Obscure accounts that – God knows why – tend to RT catalysis-related contents

Feel free to register and follow the list; or find inspiration on whom to follow individually. I will try to keep the list alive, removing inactive accounts and adding new ones when relevant. Suggestions are welcome.

If you feel you should be on the list, please use the comment box below the present post or contact me on Twitter.



Heterogeneous catalysis on Twitter (alphabetic order)
ACS Catalysis @ACSCatalysis ACS Catalysis is a journal from the American Chemical Society, dedicated to publishing research on heterogeneous, homogeneous, and enzymatic catalysis.
Alejandro Karelovic @Karelovic Chemical engineer working as a researcher at Universidad de Concepción
Audrey Moores @MooresResearch Associate Professor at McGill University. Catalysis, Nanoparticles, Iron, Biopolymers. Plus fun on campus and beyond
Avantium @Avantium Avantium is a leading technology company specialized in the area of advanced catalysis R&D, with groundbreaking innovation as primary goal.
Carlo G. Visconti @Carlo_Visconti Asistant professor at Politecnico di Milano, Italy.
Carlos Carrero @CarlosCatalysis Ph.D. Natural Science. Postdoc at MPI-CEM & UW Madison. Energy, petrochemistry, Heterogenous Catalysis.
CatAlloy Chemicals @CatAlloy Manufacturer and producer of nickel and copper catalysts in the UK
Catalysis Sci & Tech @CatalysisSciTec Catalysis Science & Technology is a new journal from RSC Publishing focussing on both the fundamental science and technological aspects of catalysis.
Catalysis Soc India @catsocindia Official account of the Catalysis Society of India
Catalysis_IMCN @Catalysis_IMCN Reasearch group in Heterogeneous #Catalysis and #biocatalysis @ Institute of Condensed Mater & Nanosciences, #UCL, Belgium. News, papers, events, press,…
CCEI Est. 2009 @CatalysisCenter Catalysis Center for Energy Innovation est. 2009
CCI @CCI_Cardiff The Cardiff Catalysis Institute (CCI) is a centre of excellence for catalysis and surface science within the UK.
CenCACH Catalysis @CenCACH Center for Catalysis at Mahidol University
ChemCatChem @ChemCatChem ChemCatChem, a society owned journal that publishes chemistry and catalysis research. Owned by ChemPubSoc Europe, published by @WileyVCH. Current IF: 5.181
ChemSusChem @ChemSusChem A scientific journal covering sustainable chemistry and energy materials. ChemSusChem is published by @WileyVCH and ChemPubSoc Europe. Current IF: 7.117
Christian Fernandez @CF_nmr Laboratoire Catalyse & Spectrochimie, LCS – ENSICAEN – Universitė de Caen – CNRS, research interests: solid state NMR, zeolites, insitu & operando spectroscopy
CICAT UIS @CICATUIS CICAT-UIS researches on the design of catalytic systems for environmental chemistry. Current research lines are: hydropurification, photocatalysis and bio-based
Damien Debecker @Deuxbeck Prof at #UCLouvain #Belgium. Researcher: #Chemistry, solid (bio)catalysis. Father of 1. Tweeting sciences, politics, environment, news, sport, etc.
EurasiaCat @EurasiaCat Advanced Education European-Asian Exchange Program in Materials Science and Catalysis. EurasiaCat is an Erasmus Mundus project, funded by the European Union.
George Fitzgerald @MaterialGeorge Specialist in materials informatics and predictive analytics for streamlining R&D. Interests in electronic materials, catalysis, & simulations.
Haldor Topsoe Group @HaldorTopsoe Haldor Topsoe Group is market leading in the field of heterogenous catalysis.
Ian Silverwood @littleghoti Catalysis researcher specialising in spectroscopy with photons and neutrons.
ICIQ @ICIQchem Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia-Spain. Catalysis for Sustainability, Chemistry for Energy and Catalysis for Health.
ITB Catalysis Sympo @CatalysisITB ITB Catalysis Symposium is a one-day forum that invites annually catalysis and catalyst experts across the world to gather and discuss with over 100 Indonesian.
ITQ (UPV-CSIC) @ITQ_UPVCSIC El Instituto de Tecnología Química (ITQ) es un centro mixto de Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) y Consejo Superior de Investiones Cientificas (CSIC)
JCornell` @josepcornella Chemist. Catalysis and reaction mechanisms. Postdoc at ICIQ (Catalunya)
Jin Suntivich @jsuntivich Cleantech. Surface science. Environmental catalysis. Energy storage. Photography and good bread hmm…
Johnson Matthey @Johnson_Matthey Johnson Matthey is a speciality chemicals company focused on its core skills in catalysis, precious metals, fine chemicals and process technology.
Juan C. Garcia @GarciaCatalysis I work on Computational Catalysis for sustainable energy
Mario Pagliaro @helionomics Chemistry scholar, Italy’s Research Council. Sicily’s Solar Pole, founder.
Miguel Herrera, PhD @fill_the_cap Water treatment technology, Catalysis, Membrane bioreactors, Membrane separations, Public health. Hertz
NAMcat24 @NAMcat24
NANOCAST @NANOCASTLab NANOtechnology and CAtalysis Science and Technology (NANOCAST) Laboratory | Cast Your Ideas into Innovation | New Ideas and New Abilities to New Opportunities.
NanoTitania Research @NanoTitania Nanotitania -Titanium Dioxide. #Catalysis & #Photocatalysis Self-cleaning Surfaces, Air & Water Purification, #Nanoparticles Coatings Nanofibers #SolarCells
Nusrat Hussain @NHChemist From Parachinar, Pakistan.. Turi … PhD in Chemistry. Research Interests: Medicinal Chemistry and Bio-catalysis. Football Lover…
Olga Guerrero-Pérez @OlguitaMary #ChemicalEngineering Professor at @infoUMA. Researcher in the field of heterogeneous #catalysis.
Oscar A. Gamba @oagambav Químico, Colombiano y Viajero.
Philippe Zinck @PhilippeZinck Researcher, professor and winelover, interests in sustainable and green chemistry, catalysis, polymer science
Prince Xavier @cochinprince A scientist having interests in Computational Chemistry, Computational Catalysis, Molecular Modeling, Cheminformatics, Bioinformatics and Chemogenomics.
Red Cat Technologies @RedCatTech A provider of catalytic technologies, including Selective Catalytic Reduction for reducing NOx emissions. #Catalysis
Sheffield Catalysis @SheffCatalysis Catalysis @ Sheffield University, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering. Some opinions may be personal.
The Larrosa Group @LarrosaGroup Homogeneous catalysis and organic synthesis. News and updates on our research!!
Tomos Clarke @iTom05 Chemitry Student Studying for a PhD in Heterogenious Catalysis @CCI_Cardiff , Former @Gairrhyddscience editor. All views expressed here are my own.
UniCat TU Berlin @UniCat_Berlin Cluster of Excellence Unifying Concepts in Catalysis.
USC Catalysis @UofSCCatalysis Columbia, SC ·
Víctor Baldovino @vigabalme Caribeño de vuelta. Prof. Auxiliar UIS, CICAT.
Yogi Surendranath @yogi_chem Professor of Chemistry at MIT | Explores Energy Conversion, Catalysis, Electrochemistry, Nanomaterials
Zoé Buniazet @Zoe_bubu
Zoe Schnepp @ZoeSchnepp Scientist. Lecturer at the University of Birmingham. Mountain biker/triathlete.

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