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A scientist’s account to Twitter

March 3, 2015

Twitter, and social media for scientists… Why bother?

A nice blog post by Alexis Verger (@Alexis_Verger)

An infinity of hypotheses

Some of my colleagues often asked me what I am doing on Twitter. Below are some of my answers.

Twitter, the micro-blogging platform may be viewed as fascinating for some people but also frightening and boring for others. It is certainly a controversial subject. But Twitter is a diamond in the rough for the scientific community: keeping up with current research in real time, follow conferences, improve your professional network, bibliography search,…

This post does not aim to be a scientist’s guide to social media in general and to Twitter in particular. The objective is simply to share my experiences as a scientist in social media. As Zen Faulkes (@DoctorZen) quite rightly stated here : ‘Everything that happens on social media has been happening at conference for as long as there have been conference (informal conversations). Social media is just the biggest research conference in the world’.

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