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[Seminar] Sustainable chemical processes by heterogeneous catalysis

March 19, 2015

Next Friday (27/3/2015), I will present a seminar summarizing the main results obtained during the last 3-4 years in various directions of our research.

flow chem

Heterogeneous catalysis or biocatalysis, mainly in continuous flow mode allows designing more sustainable chemical processes with a high product/waste ratio and a low environmental impact.



The vast majority of the chemical transformations performed in the industry are done with the mediation of catalysts. From bulk petro chemistry to fine organic synthesis, biomass conversion or pollutant removal, heterogeneous catalysts are decisive actors of chemical processes, dictating both performance and environmental impact.

This seminar will show – by several specific examples – how the design of advanced solid (bio)-catalysts is essential for the founding of a more sustainable chemical industry. A brief introduction to sustainability indicators will be given and then recent results obtained by us will be reviewed.

First, enzymatic catalysis will be introduced, with the specific example of the synthesis of chiral amines in continuous flow mode. Second, the conversion of cheap and abundant light olefins into more demanded ones is addressed through olefin metathesis with structured mixed oxide catalysts. Third, a non-conventional sol-gel process will be described, that opens new opportunities in the design of mixed oxide catalysts of specific interest for biomass conversion. Finally, fundamental insight will be given on the activation of CO2 under mild conditions with supported metal nanoparticle-based catalysts.


[March 27, 13.00 pm — Sud09 – Place Croix du Sud — LLN]


Welcome !



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