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Post-doc wanted! Materials science, sol-gel chemistry

December 20, 2015


Applications now closed



In the framework of a collaboration with an industrial partner (IRE) we are hiring a post-doctoral researcher for a 1-year project.

SCOPE:  In the context of isotope production for nuclear medicine purpose, we develop, characterize and  produce innovative inorganic sorbents at multi gram scale for radioactive substance separation and purification. We implement original sol-gel strategies to obtain new materials with an advanced control on texture, particle size and surface properties.


Technical skills

  • Inorganic material preparation by classical and advanced production routes
    • spray drying, sol-gel synthesis, thermal treatments, …
    • shaping to meet industrial requirements, pelletization, sieving, …
  • Deep knowledge in material characterization with a large spectrum of techniques
    • morphology, composition, surface analysis, acido-basicity measurements, crystallinity, etc
    • Physi- and chemisorption
    • Specific area, pore size, …
    • Various microscopy techniques

Background and Personal skills

  • PhD degree in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering or proven experience in the field
  • Recognized experience in material sciences, micro and meso porous inorganic materials
  • Deep knowledge in inorganic chemistry, material sciences and in solid state interactions with fluids.
  • International references and publications in recognized journals are needed
  • Committed to results
  • Strong communication skills with ability to deliver periodical progress reports
  • Autonomous and systematic in the scientific approach
  • An ability to proactively interact with industrial partner

CONTACT: damien . debecker @ uclouvain . be (with CV, motivation letter)

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