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Researcher, is your job done once your paper is published?

December 22, 2015

Getting a paper published is nice! Now, once online, is your job done?

science blog on computer smartphone social mediaBlogging can be a good way to engage with your scientific community and to be visible online.  It is a bit like going to conferences to present your work. Except that it is online and that you don’t really know who is listening (reading). It is an excellent way to explain your work in a different, more accessible way. And to go straight to the point, or to insist on some specific aspects of the work.

We are launching a new web hub called External Diffusion. Please check it out! It is open to everyone, it is has a professionnal layout, it features visual contents and it is full of interactive social media options. We believe this platform can help foster scientific discussion online and build up communities and audience. You can use the platform too, so jump in!

The concept is rather simple. You have a nice paper published? You want to make it more visible to the world wide web and gain impact? You are ready to prepare alternative and visual contents (a blog post basically; but you can also go further with animated infographics, video, etc.)? You want this content to be shared to a specialized but wide audience? Get in touch, we can help!

Read more on why you should think about blogging and sharing your work by reading this post: “Paper accepted! OK what’s next?”

Read more here about the concept of External Diffusion and how to proceed.

Browse among the first contributions we are hosting and advertising at our Contributions page.

Like us and follow us on the social media: @Ext_diffusion, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Scoop.It!.

We hope this new web hub will be used by many. Please do not hesitate to get in touch, to comment, to share, etc. Join the conversation!


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