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#CatalysisTweepsMeeting at Europacat 2017

September 8, 2017

The small community of researchers who are active both in the field of heterogeneous catalysis and on Twitter had an informal get-together during the Europacat conference in Florence. The meeting, held in bar down town on the evening of the second day of the conference was a great opportunity to meet our colleagues in person, long after having “met” them on Twitter. Some of us stayed relatively late…



Attendees (follow them!):

Damien Cornu @damienaberlin

Carlos Carrero @CarlosCatalysis @CarreroGroup_AU

Ewa Nowicka @EwaNowicka7

Damien Debecker @deuxbeck

Riikka Puurunen @rlpuu @AaltoCatalysis

Nishtha Agarwal @nishtha_14 @CCI_Cardiff

Pedro Castro @Piter_Castro

Juan M. Venegas @JuanMVenegas

Simon Freakley @Drsimonf

Sari Rautiainen @SariRautiainen

Kostas Goulas @goulas_catal


Also present at Europacat but not at our meeting (follow them 😉 ):

Michael Rowan @ChemCatChem

Hamid Arandiyan @HamidArandiyan

Victor Baldovino @vigabalme


I hope I didn’t forget anyone.


As a reminder, I have created a Twitter list for accounts which tweet about (mainly heterogeneous) catalysis. It is here. Nice way to keep up to date with what is shared and discussed in our field. I am happy to add people; just get in touch with me.



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