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Dr. Francesca Paradisi to give a seminar on “Flow biocatalysis” (April 12)

March 19, 2018

April 12, 14.30 (LAVOB205): please join us for the seminar of our group for which the speaker is Dr. Francesca Paradisi (University of Nottigham).

Francesca Paradisi is an Associate Professor in Biocatalysis and Enzyme Engineering in the School of Chemistry at the University of Nottingham. She is very active in biocatalysis, especially focusing on the design of efficient biocatalytic processes in flow mode. Her technology opens up the way to greener chemical processes. Please check her recent review in Trends in Biotechnology. One of her recent focus is on biocatalytic transamination reactions in flow mode, using the enhanced stability and broad substrate scope of an immobilised transaminase from Halomonas elongata. We are excited to hear about this because it resonnates with our own work on flow reactors for enantioselective transamination reactions.

Here is the abstract of the her lecture:

Flow chemistry has allowed many industrial processes to be carried out in continuous mode, with higher efficiency and automation. Biocatalysis has caught up with this technique and several examples have been reported in the literature in the last decade. However, the complexity of multi-enzymatic processes in the absence of cellular regulation, has limited their applications to some chemo-enzymatic synthesis, and just a few fully enzymatic processes have been implemented. Among others, the cofactor requirements of redox enzymes, the stability of the biocatalyst, and efficiency of the biotransformations, must be thoroughly optimised. Furthermore, the mobile phase is rarely recovered, minimizing the real environmental impact of enzymatic reactions. Here I will present our journey with flow biocatalysis, moving to systems of increasing complexity with combinations of several enzymes, which has resulted as a breakthrough in the design implementation of an ultra-efficient zero-waste and closed-loop process with unprecedented atom efficiency and automation.

See you then!


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