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Cédric Boissière to give a seminar on “Silica-based nanotherapeutic vectors” at UCLouvain – Sept 10

August 26, 2019

It is my pleasure to announce that Dr. Cédric Boissière, a prolific inventor and outstanding chemist from Sorbonne Université, will give a seminar at our institute. Cédric is very active in materials chemistry, in particuler in sol-gel science and processing, focusing on porous materials, thin films, heterogeneous catalysts, sensors, nanovectors, etc.

Nano-vectors are fairly recent nanomaterials aiming at helping diagnosis and treatment of heavy diseases such as cancer. The huge research effort produced in the last fifteen years achieved an impressive number of different organic or hybrid organic/inorganic nanomaterials integrating one or several functionalities ranging from contrasting agent (helping at imaging diagnosis) or therapy (drug release, hyperthermia, radio-sensitising agent, etc.). Yet, so far, commercialized nanovectors are fairly simple and mostly organic-based nanomaterials. The reason of this discrepancy comes from the fact that multifunctional platforms (either organic or hybrid) require expensive and delicate synthesis pathways, and/or use complex chemical compositions, and/or makes difficult their dissolution and excretion control.

In this presentation will be shown past and recent synthesis strategies of silica-based nanovectors developed at LCMCP (Sorbonne Université). The adequate coupling of soft-chemistry and processing allows developing in very simple ways multifunctional platforms with a constrained number of constituents that offer a very good functionality/synthesis complexity compromise. A dissolution kinetic study will be presented. It will show that their use is realistic from pharmaceutical development point of view.

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