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Looking for 2 PhD candidates

June 9, 2020

Louvain-la-Neuve, June 09, 2020

We are recruiting two PhD students, to start new projects on the development of innovative heterogeneous catalysts and hybrids. Candidates will work in the group of Prof. Damien Debecker (UCLouvain). Highly motivated candidates must also hold a university degree equivalent to a Master in chemistry, bio-science engineering, bio-engineering, chemical engineering or other similar major. Relevant experience in research, in particular in catalysis, would be appreciated. English proficiency is a must.

Project 1:

  • Topic: Nanostructured and porous oxide and mixed oxides obtained by sol-gel chemistry for the upgrading of valeric acid.
  • Keywords: biomass, sol-gel, aerosol, mesoporous materials, gas-phase reaction, biofuels, green chemistry
  • Relevant competencies: experience in handling gas-phase catalytic reactors, materials chemistry, catalyst preparation, materials characterization, gas chromatography

Project 2:

  • Topic: Hybrid catalysts for the chemo-enzymatic upgrading of glucose to useful platform chemicals.
  • Keywords: enzyme, zeolite, biomass, biocatalysis, spray drying, hybrid materials, liquid phase reactions, green chemistry
  • Relevant competencies: experience in handling enzymes, liquid phase catalytic reactions, reaction kinetics, enzyme immobilization, materials chemistry, zeolite synthesis, materials characterization, gas chromatography

Starting date: October 2020 or possibly a bit later.

Please send to before July 1st:

  • An academic CV
  • A short motivation letter (maximum ½ page) – chose one of the two topics
  • Supporting letters may be added

Remark: the positions are partly funded; candidates would be asked to apply for a “FRIA fellowship” in October to further secure a 4-year funding (this will be clarified during interviews).

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