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Perspective: Hybrid Chemo-Enzymatic Heterogeneous Catalysts

January 13, 2021

In our lab, a small group of researchers is actively working at the interface between heterogeneous catalysis and biocatalysis. Our goal is to interface “chemo” and “bio” catalysts in bi-(or multi-)functional solid catalysts, with the idea to perform cascade chemical reactions in a more efficient way. A first proof of concept was published recently, showing how to combine zeolite nanocrystals with an enzyme.

Other researchers around the World are pursuing similar goals! In a recent short review, published in Current Opinion on Green and Sustainable Chemistry, we argue that:

🔎 A new class of catalysts is emerging: “hybrid chemo-enzymatic heterogeneous catalysts”

🔎 These have a bright forecast for the development of green & sustainable chemistry processes

🔎 The preparation of such hybrid materials is a multidisciplinary challenge for catalysis scientists and materials chemists

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