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The paper is open for discussion (blog)

I use this page to write all the things that do not fit in a tweet or in a scientific paper. Discussing recent results from our research group or from others, advertising interesting events job offers, sharing comments and opinions (science, education, publishing, science communication, etc.).

The paper is open for discussion” is a sentence often pronounced by the chairman after an oral communication at scientific conferences. As a non-native speaker, I was always surprised by the use of the word “paper” in this popular expression. The sentence invites the audience to asking questions to the speaker. From that moment on, everything is possible for the 5-10 upcoming minutes. The session can rapidly turn into a wild and passionate debate between more or less civilized and more or less arrogant scientists. This is usually a good sign that the work presented is interesting, at least in the sense that it triggers some reaction from the community.  The audience can also look down on their cell phones, leaving the speaker alone on stage, showing no interest for what has just been communicated. How cruel! I think these few seconds of hesitation between both scenarios are thrilling.

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La catalyse va-t-elle sauver le Monde en 2025 ?

Le 23 janvier dernier, j’étais invité par Interscience à faire une présentation lors de leur « SmartBrunch ». Sous ce titre accrocheur proposé par l’hôte, un sous-titre plus précis : « Réduction catalytique du CO2 : challenge et opportunités ». Après une introduction très générale sur la catalyse, il m’était donc demandé de donner mon point de vue sur le […]

Application for a post-doctoral position

Post-doctoral position at UCLouvain and Dequenne Chimie available through an application to the BEWARE Fellowship Academia program The BEWARE Fellowships 2 program (for BElgian WAllonia REsearcher) is cofunded by the Marie Actions Skłodowska-Curie of the European Commission (COFUND – contract 847587). IMPORTANT NOTE: the position is not funded yet! We are looking for the right […]

CO2? Capture it and turn it into methane!

The recent scholarly literature tends to show that Combined CO2 Capture and Methanation (CCCM) processes could emerge as one of the practical solutions in the context of CO2 emissions mitigation. Such strategies based on the combined CO2 capture on solid adsorbents and CO2 methanation on metal-based catalysts are both pertinent and practically achievable. This strategy […]

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