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High-Entropy-Alloy Nanocrystal Based Macro- and Mesoporous Materials

Maria Letizia De Marco, Walid Baaziz, Sharmin Sharna, François Devred, Claude Poleunis, Alexandre Chevillot-Biraud, Sophie Nowak, Ryma Haddad, Mateusz Odziomek, Cédric Boissière, Damien P. Debecker, Ovidiu Ersen, Jennifer Peron*, and Marco Faustini*

ACS Nano

Marco Faustini Peron Debecker porous HEA ACS Nano


Hydrogen borrowing: Aliphatic tertiary amines from lignin-derived monomers using supported copper catalyst

Ruijten Sels Debecker terniary amine lignin ChemSusChemDieter Ruijten, Hanne De Weer, Robbe van der Zweep, Claude Poleunis, Damien P. Debecker, Bert Maes, Bert Sels*



Reductive catalytic fractionation of wheat straw biomass

Filippo Brienza, Korneel Van Aelst, François Devred, Delphine Magnin, Bert Sels, Patrick Gerin, Iwona Cybulska,* Damien P. Debecker*

ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 10 (2022) 11130–11142

Brienza Debecker RCF lignin wheat straw ACS Sus Chem Eng


Drop-in biofuels production from microalgae to hydrocarbons: microalgal cultivation and isolation, conversion pathways, economics and prospects for aeronautics

Sergio Martinez-Villarreal*, Antoine Breitenstein, Philippe Nimmegeers, Pablo Perez Saura, Justice Asomaning, Ali Alizadeh Eslami, Pieter Billen, Steven Van Passel, David C. Bressler, Damien P. Debecker, Claire Remacle, Aurore Richel

Biomass and Bioenergy, 165 (2022) 106555


Unleashing lignin potential through the dithionite-assisted organosolv fractionation of lignocellulosic biomass

Filippo Brienza, Korneel Van Aelst, François Devred, Delphine Magnin, Maxim Tschulkow, Philippe Nimmegeers, Steven Van Passel, Bert F. Sels, Patrick Gerin, Damien P. Debecker*, Iwona Cybulska*

Chemical Engineering Journal, 450 (2022) 138179

Brienza Debecker Cybulska Sels DAOF CEJ


Hafnium-doped silica nanotubes for the upgrading of glycerol into solketal: enhanced performances and in-depth structure-activity correlation

Soumoy Debecker Aprile Hf-doped silica nanotubes JCatalLoraine Soumoy, Chloé Célis, Damien P. Debecker, Marco Armandi, Sonia Fiorilli, Carmela Aprile*

Journal of Catalysis, 411 (2022) 41-53


Catalytic Amination of Lactic acid using Ru-Zeolites

Meera A Shah, Ibrahim Khalil, Sofia Tallarico, T. Donckels, Pierre Eloy, Damien P.

Debecker, Manuela Oliverio, Michiel Dusselier

Dalton Transactions, 51 (2022) 10773-10778

Shah Debecker Dusselier Ru zeolite amination lactic acid


Titanosilicate epoxidation catalysts: a review of challenges and opportunities

TOCValentin Smeets, Eric M. Gaigneaux, Damien P. Debecker*

ChemCatChem, 22 (2022) e202101132


Préparation de catalyseurs hybrides chémo-enzymatiques par atomisation

Valentin Smeets, Margot Vander Verren, Damien P. Debecker*

Chimie Nouvelle, 139 (2022) 1-10


Approches sol-gel pour la préparation de catalyseurs heterogènes nano-structurés, hybrids, et chémo-enzymatiques

Damien P. Debecker*

L’Actualité Chimique, 469 (2022) 26-33


Tandem reduction-reoxidation augments the catalytic activity of Sn-beta zeolites by redispersion and re-speciation of SnOx clusters

Elise Peeters, Ibrahim Khalil, Pierre Eloy, Sergio Calderon-Ardila, Jan Dijkmans, Paola Ferrini, Damien P. Debecker, Russel A. Taylor, Alexios P. Douvalis, Michiel Dusselier,* Bert F. Sels*

Chemistry of Materials, 33 (2021) 9366–9381

Peeters Sels Debecker Chem Mater Sn beta


Can CO2 and Renewable Carbon Be Primary Resources for Sustainable Fuels and Chemicals? (Editorial)

M. Faruque Hasan, Liane M. Rossi, Damien P. Debecker, Kevin C. Leonard, Zhenxing Li, Banothile C. E. Makhubela, Chuan Zhao, Arjan Kleij

ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng., 9 (2021) 12427–12430


Non-hydrolytic sol-gel route to a family of hybrid mesoporous aluminosilicate ethanol dehydration catalysts

Ales Styskalik, Imene Kordoghli, Claude Poleunis, Arnaud Delcorte, Denis D. Dochain, Zdenek Moravec, Julius Vida, Tomas Homola, Carmela Aprile, Luca Fusaro, François Devred, Damien P. Debecker*

Journal of Materials Science, 56 (2021) 14001-14018


Highly dispersed Sn-beta zeolites as active catalysts for Baeyer-Villiger oxidation: the role of mobile, in situ Sn(II)O species in solid-state stannation

Elise Peeters, Guillaume Pomalaza, Ibrahim Khalil, Arnaud Detaille, Damien P. Debecker, Alexios Douvalis, Michiel Dusselier,* Bert F. Sels*

ACS Catalysis, 11 (2021) 5984-5998

Peeters Sels Debecker ACS Catal Sn zeolite


Enhancing lignin depolymerization via a dithionite-assisted organosolv fractionation of lignocellulosic biomass

Filippo Brienza, Korneel Van Aelst, Bert F. Sels, Damien P. Debecker* and Iwona Cybulska*

Green Chemistry, 23 (2021) 3268-3276

Brienza Debecker Cybulska Sels dithionite lignin depolymerization Green Chem


Tuning the Electronic Bandgap of Graphdiyne by H-substitution to Promote Interfacial Charge Carrier Separation for Enhanced Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production

Ghazzal Debecker Graphdiyne Adv Fun Mater coverJian Li, Amine Slassi, Xu Han, David Cornil, Minh-Huong Ha-Thi, Thomas Pino, Damien P. Debecker, Christophe Colbeau-Justin, Jordi Arbiol, Jérôme Cornil, Mohamed Nawfal Ghazzal*

Advanced Functional Materials, 31 (2021) 2100994


The high activity of mesoporous Ga-SiO2 catalysts in the upgrading of glycerol to solketal explained by in-depth characterization

Vivian Debecker APrile JCatal solketal GaSiO2 aerosolAlvise Vivian, Loraine Soumoy, Luca Fusaro, Pierre Louette, Alexandre Felten, Damien P. Debecker,* Carmela Aprile*

Journal of Catalysis, 400 (2021) 83-92


Shaping Effective Practices for Incorporating Sustainability Assessment in Manuscripts Submitted to ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering: Catalysis and Catalytic Processes (Editorial)

Damien P. Debecker, King Kuok (Mimi) Hii, Audrey Moores, Liane M. Rossi, Bert F. Sels, David T. Allen, Bala Subramaniam*

ACS Sustainabile Chemistry & Engineering, 9 (2021) 4936-4940


Hybrid chemoenzymatic heterogeneous catalyst prepared in one step from zeolite nanocrystals and enzyme-polyelectrolyte complexes

Margot Van der Verren, Valentin Smeets, Aurélien vander Straeten, Christine  C. Dupont-Gillain, Damien P. Debecker*

Nanoscale Advances, 3 (2021) 1646-1655


Non-hydrolytic sol-gel as a versatile route for the preparation of hybrid heterogeneous catalysts

Valentin Smeets, Ales Styskalik,* Damien P. Debecker*

Journal of Sol-gel Science and Technology, 97 (2021) 505-522


Hybrid chemo-enzymatic heterogeneous catalysts

Damien P. Debecker,* Margot Van der Verren, Valentin Smeets, Hippolyte Meersseman Arango, Marty Kinaer, François Devred

Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry, 28 (2021) 100437

Debecker Hybrid catalysts HCEHC Current Opinion Green Sus Chem


Surface-functionalized mesoporous gallosilicate catalysts for the efficient and sustainable upgrading of glycerol to solketal

Alvise Vivian, Loraine Soumoy, Luca Fusaro, Damien P. Debecker*, Carmela Aprile*

Green Chemistry, 23, (2021) 354-366


Synthesis of High Surface Area Aluminophosphate and -phosphonate Xerogels by Non-Hydrolytic Sol-Gel Reactions

Petr Machac, Johan G. Alauzun, Ales Styskalik, Damien P. Debecker, P. Hubert Mutin, Jiri Pinkas*

Microporous Mesoporous Materials, 311 (2021) 110682


Hydrophobic titania-silica mixed oxides for the catalytic epoxidation of cyclooctene

Lucia Manangon-Perugachi, Alvise Vivian, Pierre Eloy, Damien P. Debecker, Carmela Aprile, Eric M. Gaigneaux*

Catalysis Today, 363 (2021) 128-136


Mesoporous methyl-functionalized titanosilicate produced by aerosol process for the catalytic epoxidation of olefins

Lucia E. Manangon-Perugachia, Valentin Smeets, Alvise Vivian, Pierre Eloy, Carmela Aprile, Damien P. Debecker, Eric M. Gaigneaux*

Catalysts, 11 (2021) 196


One-pot Chemoenzymatic Deracemization of Secondary Alcohols Employing Variants of Galactose Oxidase and Transfer Hydrogenation

Bo Yuan, Damien P. Debecker, Xiaofeng Wu, Qiang Fei,* Jianliang Xiao,* Nicholas J. Turner*

ChemCatChem, 12 (2020) 6161-6165


Hybrid mesoporous aluminosilicate catalysts obtained by non-hydrolytic sol-gel for ethanol dehydration

Ales Styskalik, Inène Khordoghli, Claude Poleunis, Arnaud Delcorte, Znedek Moravec, Lucie Simonikova, Viktor Kanicky, Carmela Aprile, Luca Fusaro, Damien P. Debecker*

Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 8 (2020) 23526-23542


One-pot aerosol synthesis of Ga- and Zn-doped mesoporous Cu/SiO2 catalysts for CO2 hydrogenation to methanol

Charlie Paris, Alejandro Karelovic, Raydel Manrique, Solène Le Bras, François Devred, Vit Vykoukal, Ales Styskalik, Pierre Eloy, Damien P. Debecker*

ChemSusChem, 13 (2020) 6409-6417


Mildly Acidic Aluminosilicate Catalysts for Stable Performance in Ethanol Dehydration

Ales Styskalik, Vit Vykoukal, Luca Fusaro, Carmela Aprile, Damien P. Debecker*

Applied Catalysis B: Environmental – 271 (2020) 118926


Hollow zeolite microspheres as a nest for enzymes: a new route to hybrid heterogeneous catalysts for chemo-enzymatic cascade reactions

Valentin Smeets, Walid Baaziz, Ovidiu Ersen, Eric M. Gaigneaux, Cédric Boissière, Clément Sanchez, Damien P. Debecker*

Chemical Science 11 (2020) 954-961


Continuous Flow Upgrading of Selected C2−C6 Platform Chemicals Derived from Biomass

Romaric Gérardy, Damien P. Debecker, Julien Estager, Patricia Luis, Jean-Christophe M. Monbaliu*

Chemical Reviews, 120 (2020) 7219–7347


Highly basic solid catalyst obtained by spray drying of a NaAlO2 and boehmite suspension for the upgrading of glycerol to acetins

Sreerangappa Ramesh, Makhlouf Amoura, Damien P. Debecker*

Sustainable Energy and Fuels 4 (2020) 3546-3551


Separation of bio-based chemicals using pervaporation

Wenqi Li, Julien Estager, Jean-Christophe M. Monbaliu, Damien P. Debecker, Patricia Luis*

Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology, 95 (2020) 2311-2334


A kinetic approach for CO Methanation using a Fe-based catalyst from blast furnace sludge

Paulina Melo, Romel Jiménez, François Devred, Damien P. Debecker, Claudia Ulloa, Ximena García*

Fuel, 276 (2020) 118045


Highly porous hybrid metallosilicate materials prepared by non-hydrolytic sol-gel: hydrothermal stability and catalytic properties in ethanol dehydration

Ales Styskalik, Imene Kordoghli, Claude Poleunius, Arnaud Delcorte, Carmela Aprile, Damien P. Debecker*

Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 297 (2020) 110028


NaAlO2-promoted mesoporous catalysts for the room temperature Knoevenagel condensation reaction

Sreerangappa Ramesh*, Francois Devred and Damien P. Debecker

ChemistrySelect, 5 (2020) 300-305


Effect of precious metals on NO reduction by CO in oxidative conditions

Joudia Akil, Stephane Siffert,* Pirault-Roy Laurence, Damien P. Debecker, François Devred, Renaud Cousin, Christophe Poupin*

Applied Sciences, 10 (2020) 3042


Supported ionic liquid membranes for the separation of methanol/dimethyl carbonate mixtures by pervaporation

Wenqi Li, Cristhian Molina-Fernández, Julien Estager, Jean-Christophe M. Monbaliu, Damien P. Debecker, Patricia Luis*

Journal of Membrane Science, 598 (2020) 117790


Hierarchical micro-/macroporous TS-1 zeolite epoxidation catalyst prepared by steam assisted crystallization

Valentin Smeets, Eric M. Gaigneaux, Damien P. Debecker*

Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 293 (2020) 109801


Microwave-assisted synthesis of platelet-like cobalt metal-organic framework, its transformation to porous layered cobalt-carbon nanocomposite discs and their utilization as anode materials in sodium-ion batteries

David Skoda,* Tomas Kazda, Lukas Munster, Barbora Hanulikova, Ales Styskalik, Pierre Eloy, Damien P Debecker, Jarmila Vilcakova, Lucie Simonikova, Viktor Kanicky, Ivo Kuritka

Journal of Energy Storage 27 (2020) 101113


Versatile and scalable synthesis of cyclic organic carbonates under organocatalyzed continuous flow conditions

Romaric Gérardy, Julien Estager, Patricia Luis, Damien P. Debecker, Jean-Christophe M. Monbaliu*

Catalysis Science & Technology, 9 (2019) 6841-6851


Ag- and Cu-promoted mesoporous Ta-SiO2 catalysts prepared by non-hydrolytic sol-gel for the conversion of ethanol to butadiene

Denis Dochain, Ales Styskalik, Damien P. Debecker*

Catalysts, 9 (2019) 920


Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Manganese a Metal–Organic Framework and its Transformation to Porous MnO/Carbon Nanocomposite Utilized as a Shuttle Suppressing Layer in Lithium-Sulfur Batteries

David Skoda,* Tomas Kazda, Lukas Munster, Barbora Hanulikova, Ales Styskalik, Pierre Eloy, Damien P. Debecker, Petr Vyroubal, Ivo Kuritka

Journal of Materials Science, 54 (2019) 14102-14122


Synthesis, characterization and catalytic activity of single site, Lewis acidic aluminosilicates

Ales Styskalik,* Joshua G. Abbott, Michael C. Orick, Damien P. Debecker, Craig E. Barnes*

Catalysis Today, 334 (2019) 131-139


Biocatalytic transamination in a monolithic flow reactor: improving enzyme grafting for enhanced performance

Ludivine van den Biggelaar, Patrice Soumillion, Damien P. Debecker*

RSC Advances, 9 (2019) 18538-18546


NaAlO2 supported on titanium dioxide as solid base catalyst for the carboxymethylation of allyl alcohol with DMC

Sreerangappa Ramesh, François Devred, Damien P. Debecker*

Applied Catalysis A: General, 581 (2019) 31-36


Combining CO2 capture and catalytic conversion to methane

Paulina Melo Bravo, Damien P. Debecker*

Waste Disposal & Sustainable Energy, 1 (2019) 53-65


Mesoporous TiO2 Support Materials for Ru-Based CO2 Methanation Catalysts

Ara Kim, Clément Sanchez, Bernard Haye, Cédric Boissière, Capucine Sassoye,* Damien P. Debecker*

ACS Applied Nano Materials, 2 (2019) 3220-3230


Macrocellular titanosilicate monoliths as highly efficient structured olefin epoxidation catalysts

Valentin Smeets, Ludivine van den Biggelaar, Tarek Barakat, Eric M. Gaigneaux, Damien P. Debecker*

ChemCatChem, 11 (2019) 1593-1597


Aerosol route to TiO2–SiO2 catalysts with tailored pore architecture and high epoxidation activity

Valentin Smeets, Cédric Boissière, Clément Sanchez, Eric M. Gaigneaux, Elise Peeters, Bert F. Sels, Michiel Dusselier, Damien P. Debecker*

Chemistry of Materials, 31 (2019), 1610-1619


Sustaining the transition from petro- to biobased chemical industry with flow chemistry

Romaric Gérardy, Romain Morodo-Martinez, Julien Estager, Patricia Luis, Damien P. Debecker, Jean-Christophe M. Monbaliu

Topics in Current Chemistry 377 (2019) 1-35


Synthesis of carbonate esters by carboxymethylation using NaAlO2 as a highly active heterogeneous catalyst

Sreerangappa Ramesh, Kiran Indukuri, Oliver Riant, Damien P. Debecker*

Organic Process Research & Development, 22 (2018) 1846-1851


Novel ceramic paper structures for diesel exhaust purification

Sabrina A. Leonardi, Fernando E. Tuler, Eric M.Gaigneaux, Damien P. Debecker*, Eduardo E. Miró, Viviana G. Milt*

Environmental Science and Pollution Research – 25 (2018) 35276-35286


Mesoporous methyl-functionalized Sn-silicates generated by the aerosol process for the sustainable production of ethyl lactate

Alvise Vivian, Luca Fusaro, Damien P. Debecker*, Carmela Aprile*

ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 6 (2018) 14095-14103


Sorption and pervaporation study of methanol/dimethyl carbonate mixture with poly(etheretherketone) (PEEK-WC) membrane

Wenqi Li, Francesco Galiano,* Julien Estager, Jean-Christophe M. Monbaliu, Damien P. Debecker, Alberto Figoli,* Patricia Luis*

Journal of Membrane Science, 567 (2018) 303-31


Application of pervaporation in the production of glycerol carbonate

Wenqi Li, Sreerangappa Ramesh ; Julien Estager, Jean-Christophe Monbaliu, Damien P. Debecker, Patricia Luis*

Chemical Engineering & Processing: Process Intensification, 132 (2018) 127-136


In situ insight on the Ruthenium catalyzed growth of carbon nanostructures

Mounib Bahri, Kassiogé Dembélé, Capicune Sassoye, Damien P. Debecker, Simona Moldovan, Anne-Sophie Gay, Charles Hirlimann, Clément Sanchez, Ovidiu Ersen*

Nanoscale, 10 (2018) 14957-14965


Titania-silica catalysts for lactide production from renewable alkyl lactates: structure-activity relations

Rik De Clercq, Michiel Dusselier,* Claude Poleunis, Damien P. Debecker, Lars Giebeler, Ekaterina Makshina and Bert F. Sels*

ACS Catalysis, 8 (2018) 8130−8139


Innovative Sol-Gel Routes for the Bottom-up Preparation of Heterogeneous Catalysts

Damien P. Debecker*

The Chemical Record – 18 (2018) 662-675


Thickness characterization toolbox for transparent protective coatings on polymer substrates

Matthias Van Zele, Jonathan Watté, Jan Hasselmeyer, Hannes Rijckaert, Yannick Vercammen, Steven Verstuyft, Davy Deduytsche, Christophe Detavernier, Damien P. Debecker, Claude Poleunis, Isabel Van Driessche, Klaartje De Buysser

Materials, 11(7) (2018) 1101


Aerosol processing: a wind of innovation in the field of advanced heterogeneous catalysts

Damien P. Debecker,* Solène Le Bras, Cédric Boissière, Alexandra Chaumonnot, Clément Sanchez*

Chemical Society Reviews, 47 (2018) 4112-4155


Mesoporous SiO2–TiO2 epoxidation catalysts: tuning surface polarity to improve performance in the presence of water

Valentin Smeets, Lilia Ben Mustapha, Josefine Schnee, Eric M. Gaigneaux, Damien P. Debecker*

Molecular Catalysis, 451 (2018) 192-206


Hydrotalcite promoted by NaAlO2 as strongly basic catalysts with record activity in glycerol carbonate synthesis

Sreerangappa Ramesh, François Devred, Ludivine van den Biggelaar, Damien P. Debecker*

ChemCatChem, 10 (2018) 1398-1405


CO2 methanation on Ru/TiO2 catalysts: on the effect of mixing anatase and rutile TiO2 supports

Ara Kim, Damien P. Debecker,* François Devred, Vincent Dubois, Clément Sanchez, Capucine Sassoye*

Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 220 (2018) 615-625


A review on catalytic oxidation of chloroaromatics from

Cuicui Du, Shengyong Lu,* Qiuling Wang, Alfons G. Buekens, Mingjiang Ni, Damien P. Debecker

Chemical Engineering Journal, 334 (2018) 519-544


Development of a Solid Phase Array Assay for the Screening of Galactose Oxidase Activity and for Fast Identification of Inhibitors

Martin J. Weissenborn, Damien P. Debecker, Bruno Linclau, Nicholas J. Turner,* Sabine L. Flitsch*

Protein & Peptide Letters, 24 (2017) 742-746


In situ solid-gas reactivity of nanoscaled metal borides from molten salt synthesis

Guillaume Gouget, Damien P. Debecker, Ara Kim, Giorgia Olivieri, Jean-Jacques Gallet, Fabrice Bournel, Cyril Thomas, Ovidiu Ersen, Simona Moldovan, Clément Sanchez, Sophie Carenco, David Portehault*

Inorganic Chemistry, 56 (2017) 9225-9234


High-yield synthesis of ethyl lactate with mesoporous SnSi mixed oxide catalysts prepared by the aerosol-assisted sol-gel process

Nicolas Godard, Alvise Vivian, Luca Fusaro, Lorenzo Cannavicci, Carmela Aprile, Damien P. Debecker*

ChemCatChem, 9 (2017) 2211–2218


Room temperature synthesis of glycerol carbonate catalyzed by spray dried sodium aluminate microspheres

Sreerangappa Ramesh, Damien P. Debecker*

Catalysis Communications, 97 (2017) 102-105


Enantioselective Transamination in Continuous Flow Mode with Transaminase Immobilized in a Macrocellular Silica Monolith

L. van den Biggelaar, P. Soumillion, D.P. Debecker*

Catalysts, 7 (2017) 54

PDF (Open Access)


Silver Nanoparticle Catalyzed Dearomatization of Indoles towards 3 Spiroindolenines via a 5-exo-dig Spirocyclization

dearomatization-of-indoles-toward-3-spiroindolenines-schroder-debecker-van-der-eyckenSchröder, U. Sharma, M. Mertens, F. Devred, D.P. Debecker, R. Luque, E. Van der Eycken*

ACS Catalysis, 5 (2016) 8156–8161


Selective CO2 methanation on Ru/TiO2 catalyst: unravelling the decisive role of the TiO2 support crystal structure

co2-methanation-ru-tio2-crystal-structure-kim-debecker-sassoye-catal-sci-technolKim, C. Sanchez, G. Patriarche, O. Ersen, S. Moldovan, A. Wisnet, C. Sassoye, D.P. Debecker*

Catalysis Science & Technology, 6 (2016) 8117-8128


The Active State of Supported Ruthenium Oxide Nanoparticles during Carbon Dioxide Methanation

carenco-debecker-ap-xps-ru-tio2-co2-methanation-berkeley-paris-louvainS. Carenco, C. Sassoye, M. Faustini, P. Eloy, D.P. Debecker, H. Bluhm, M. Salmeron

Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 120 (2016) 15354−15361


Ordered and disordered evolution of the pore mesostructure in hybrid silica anti-reflective films obtained by one-pot self-assembly method

ghazzal-debecker-gaigneaux-anti-reflective-films-saxs-hybrid-silicaM.N. Ghazzal*, D.P. Debecker, E.M. Gaigneaux

Thin Solid Films, 611 (2016) 117-124

PDF (Open Access)


Catalytic ceramic papers for diesel soot oxidation: a spray method for enhanced performance

Catalytic cermaic filters for soot oxidation - spray method - Catalysis Communications

Catalytic ceramic filters for soot oxidation

F.E. Tuler, E.M.Gaigneaux, E.E. Miró, V.G. Milt*, D.P. Debecker*

Catalysis Communications 72 (2015) 116-120

PDF (open access)


First Acidic Macro-Mesocellular Aluminosilicate Monolithic foams “SiAl(HIPE)” and their Catalytic Properties

Front cover final Debecker Chemical Communication SiAl HIPE foam acid catalyst

D.P. Debecker*, C. Boissière*, G. Laurent, S. Huet, P. Eliaers, C. Sanchez, R. Backov

Chemical Communications 51 (2015) 14018-14021

PDF (Open access)


Selective Ni-catalyzed conversion of lignin-derived phenolic compounds to cyclohexanone-based polymer building blocks

From wood to polymers

From wood to polymers

Schutyser, S. Van den Bosch, J. Dijkmans, S. Turner, M. Meledina, G. Van Tendeloo, D.P. Debecker, B.F. Sels*

ChemSusChem, 8 (2015) 1805-1818


WO3-SiO2 metathesis prepared by the aerosol assisted sol-gel process

WO3-SiO2 metathesis prepared by the aerosol assisted sol-gel process

Preparation of super-microporous WO3-SiO2 olefin metathesis catalysts by the aerosol-assisted sol-gel process

S. Maksasithorn, P. Praserthdam, K. Suriye, D.P. Debecker*

Microporous Mesoporous Materials, 213 (2015) 125-133

***   featured on External Diffusion    ***


WO3-based catalysts prepared by non-hydrolytic sol-gel for the production of propene by cross-metathesis of ethene and 2-butene

GAS. Maksasithorn, P. Praserthdam, K. Suriye, M. Devillers, D.P. Debecker*

Applied Catalysis A: General, 488 (2014) 200-207


Avoiding rhenium loss in non-hydrolytic synthesis of highly active Re-Si-Al olefin metathesis catalysts

K. Bouchmella, M. Stoyanova, U. Rodemerck, D.P. Debecker, P.H. Mutin

Catalysis Communications, 58 (2015) 183-186


CO2 methanation with shape-controlled Pd nanoparticles embedded in mesoporous silica: Elucidating stability and selectivity issues

shaped Pd NP in mesop silicaJ. Martins, N. Batail, S. Silva, S. Rafik-Clement, A. Karelovic, D.P. Debecker, A. Chaumonnot, D. Uzio

Catalysis Communications, 58 (2015) 11-15


Total oxidation of propane with a nano-RuO2/TiO2 catalyst

D.P. Debecker, B. Farin, E.M. Gaigneaux, C. Sanchez, C. Sassoye

Applied Catalysis A: General – 481 (2014) 11-18


NaOH modified WO3/SiO2 catalysts for propylene production from 2-butene and ethylene metathesis

S. Maksasithorn, D.P. Debecker, P. Praserthdam, J. Panpranot, K. Suriye, S.K.N. Ayudhya

Chinese Journal of Catalysis – 35 (2014) 232-241


Synthesis of Amorphous Aluminosilicates by Grafting: Tuning the Building and Final Structure of the Deposit by Selecting the Appropriate Synthesis Conditions

M. Caillot, A. Chaumonnot, M. Digne, C. Poleunis, D.P. Debecker, J. van Bokhoven*

Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 185 (2014) 179-189


Aerosol route to nanostructured WO3-SiO2-Al2O3 metathesis catalysts: Towards higher propene yield

graph abstract Aerosol WSiAl metathesisD.P. Debecker*, M. Stoyanova, U. Rodemerck, F. Colbeau-Justin, C. Boissère, A. Chaumonnot, A. Bonduelle, C. Sanchez*

Applied Catalysis A: General – 470 (2014) 458-466


An alternative method for the incorporation of silver in Ag-VOx/TiO2 catalysts for the total oxidation of benzene

R. Delaigle, M.M.F. Joseph, D.P. Debecker, P. Eloy and E.M. Gaigneaux*

Topics in catalysis – 56 (2013) 1867-1874


Calibration of the XPS binding energy scale for the characterization of heterogeneous catalysts: Is everything really under control?

M. Jacquemin, M.J. Genet, E.M. Gaigneaux, D.P. Debecker*                   BLOG POST

ChemPhysChem – 14 (2013) 3618–3626


Effect of the size and distribution of supported Ru nanoparticles on their activity in ammonia synthesis under mild reaction conditions

C. Fernández, C. Sassoye, C. Sanchez, D.P. Debecker, P. Ruiz*

Applied Catalysis A: General – 474 (2014) 194-202


Olefin metathesis with mesoporous rhenium-silicium-aluminum mixed oxides obtained via a one-step non-hydrolytic sol-gel route

Bouchmella 2013 JCatK. Bouchmella, P.H. Mutin*, M. Stoyanova, C. Poleunis, P. Eloy,U. Rodemerck, E.M. Gaigneaux, D.P. Debecker*

Journal of Catalysis, 301 (2013) 233-241


Mesoporous mixed oxide catalysts via non-hydrolytic sol-gel: A review

D.P. Debecker, V. Hulea, P.H. Mutin*

Applied Catalysis A: General, 451 (2013) 192–206


Effect of support on V2O5 catalytic activity in Chlorobenzene oxidation

C. Gannoun, R. Delaigle, D.P. Debecker, P. Eloy, A. Ghorbel, E.M. Gaigneaux

Applied Catalysis A: General, 447-448 (2012) 1-6


Non-hydrolytic sol-gel route to highly active MoO3-SiO2-Al2O3 metathesis catalysts (cover)

D.P. Debecker*, K. Bouchmella, M. Stoyanova, U. Rodemerck, E.M. Gaigneaux and P.H. Mutin*

Catalysis Science & Technology, 2 (6) (2012) 1157–1164


Non-hydrolytic sol-gel routes to heterogeneous catalysts (review paper)

Debecker 2012 CSRD.P. Debecker* and P. Hubert Mutin*

Chemical Society Reviews, 41 (9) (2012) 3624 – 3650


One-pot Aerosol Route to MoO3-SiO2-Al2O3 Catalysts with Ordered Super-Microporosity and High Olefin Metathesis Activity

D.P. Debecker*, M. Stoyanova, F. Colbeau-Justin, U. Rodemerck, C. Boissière, E.M. Gaigneaux, C. Sanchez*

Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 51 (2012) 2129-2131


Photocatalytic degradation of Rhodamine 6G on Mesoporous Titania Films: Combined effect of Texture and dye Aggregation forms

M. N. Ghazzal*, H. Kebaili, M. Joseph, D.P. Debecker, P. Eloy, J. De Coninck, E. M. Gaigneaux

Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 115-116 (2012) 276-284


Sustainable aqueous route to highly stable suspensions of monodispersed Nano Ruthenia

C. Sassoye*, G. Muller, D.P. Debecker, A. Karelovic, S. Cassaignon, C. Pizarro, P. Ruiz, C. Sanchez

Green Chemistry, 13 (2011) 3230-3237


Sol–gel derived V2O5–TiO2 mesoporous materials as catalysts for the total oxidation of chlorobenzene

C. Gannoun, R. Delaigle, P. Eloy, D.P. Debecker, A. Ghorbel, E.M. Gaigneaux*

Catalysis Communications, 15 (2011) 1-5


Genesis of active and inactive species during the preparation of MoO3/SiO2-Al2O3 metathesis catalysts via wet impregnation

D.P. Debecker*, M. Stoyanova, U. Rodemerck, A. Léonard, B.-L. Su, E.M. Gaigneaux

Catalysis Today, 169 (2011) 60-68


Preparation of MoO3/SiO2-Al2O3 metathesis catalysts via wet impregnation with different Mo precursors

graph abstractD.P. Debecker*, M. Stoyanova, U. Rodemerck and E.M. Gaigneaux

Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical, 340 (2011) 65-76


Effect of the chromium precursor nature on the physicochemical and catalytic properties of Cr-ZSM-5 catalysts: Application to the ammoxidation of ethylene

F. Ayari*, M. Mhamdi, D.P. Debecker, E.M. Gaigneaux, J. Alvarez-Rodriguez, A.R. Guerrero-Ruiz, G. Delahay, A. Ghorbel

Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical, 339 (2011) 8-16


Evaluation of dioxin total oxidation catalysts: Confronting studies on model-molecules with tests on PCDD/F-containing gas stream

pcdfD.P. Debecker*, R. Delaigle, P.C. Hung, A.G. Buekens, E.M. Gaigneaux, M.B. Chang

Chemosphere, 82 (2011) 1337-1342


Flame-made MoO3/SiO2-Al2O3 metathesis catalysts with highly dispersed and highly active molybdate species

graph abstract blogD.P. Debecker*, B. Schimmoeller*, M. Stoyanova, C. Poleunis, P. Bertrand, U. Rodemerck, E.M. Gaigneaux

Journal of Catalysis, 277 (2011) 154-163


Opposite effect of Al on the performances of MoO3/SiO2-Al2O3 catalysts in the metathesis and in the partial oxidation of propene

D.P. Debecker*, D. Hauwaert, M. Stoyanova, A. Barkschat, U. Rodemerck, E.M. Gaigneaux*

Applied Catalysis A: General, 391 (2011) 78-85


Thermal spreading as an alternative for the wet impregnation method: advantages and downsides in the preparation of MoO3/SiO2-Al2O3 metathesis catalysts

D.P. Debecker*, M. Stoyanova, U. Rodemerck, P. Eloy, A. Léonard, B.-L. Su, E.M. Gaigneaux*

Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 114 (2010) 18664–18673


Total oxidation of benzene and chlorobenzene with MoO3– and WO3-promoted V2O5/TiO2 catalysts prepared by a nonhydrolytic sol-gel route

D.P. Debecker, R. Delaigle, K. Bouchmella, P. Eloy, E.M. Gaigneaux, P.H. Mutin*

Catalysis Today, 157 (2010) 125-130


Flame-made vs. wet-impregnated vanadia/titania in the total oxidation of chlorobenzene: possible role of VOx species

B. Schimmoeller, R. Delaigle, D.P. Debecker, E.M. Gaigneaux*

Catalysis Today, 157 (2010) 198-203


Ag-V2O5/TiO2 total oxidation catalyst: autocatalytic removal of the surfactant and synergy between silver and vanadia

D.P. Debecker, R. Delaigle, M.M.F. Joseph, C. Faure, E.M. Gaigneaux

Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis, 175 (2010) 805-809


Facile preparation of MoO3/SiO2-Al2O3 olefin metathesis catalysts by thermal spreading

D.P. Debecker, M. Stoyanova, U. Rodemerck, E.M. Gaigneaux

Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis, 175 (2010) 581-585


One-step non-hydrolytic sol–gel preparation of efficient V2O5-TiO2 catalysts for VOC total oxidation

graph abstract blogD.P. Debecker, K. Bouchmella, R. Delaigle, P. Eloy, E.M. Gaigneaux, P.H. Mutin*

Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 93 (2010) 38-45


Nouvelle méthode de préparation de catalyseurs hétérogène à base de nanoparticules d’argent

D.P. Debecker* and E.M. Gaigneaux*

Chimie Nouvelle, 101 (2009) 1-3


Design of SiO2-Al2O3-MoO3 metathesis catalysts by nonhydrolytic sol-gel

graph abstract blogD.P. Debecker, K. Bouchmella, C. Poleunis, P. Eloy, P. Bertrand, E. M. Gaigneaux and P. H. Mutin*

Chemistry of Materials, 21 (2009) 2817-2824


Exploring, tuning and exploiting the basicity of hydrotalcites for applications in heterogeneous catalysis (review paper)

TOC blogD.P. Debecker*, E.M. Gaigneaux and G. Busca

Chemistry-A European journal, 15 (2009) 3920-3935


Revisiting the Behaviour of Vanadia-Based Catalysts in the Abatement of (Chloro)-Aromatic Pollutants: Towards an Integrated Understanding

R. Delaigle, D.P. Debecker, F. Bertinchamps and E.M. Gaigneaux*

Topics in Catalysis, 52 (2009) 501-516


A New Bio-Inspired Route to Metal Nanoparticle-Based Heterogeneous Catalysts

graph abstract blogD.P. Debecker*, C. Faure*, M.-E. Meyre, A. Derré and E.M. Gaigneaux*

Small, 4 (2008) 1806-1812


Abatement of model molecules for dioxin total oxidation on V2O5-WO3/TiO2 catalysts: the case of substituted oxygen-containing VOC

D.P. Debecker, R. Delaigle, P. Eloy and E.M. Gaigneaux*

Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical, 289 (2008) 38-43


On the impact of the choice of model VOC in the evaluation of V-based catalysts for the total oxidation of dioxins: furan vs. chlorobenzene

blogD.P. Debecker, F. Bertinchamps, N. Blangenois, P. Eloy and E.M. Gaigneaux*

Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 74 (2007) 223–232

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