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I am an associate professor at the University de Louvain, in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium. When I am not preparing my lectures (physical chemistry, process engineering, waste treatment technologies), I am doing research in the field of chemical engineering. More precisely, we use heterogeneous catalysts and enzymes to perform chemical reactions and design chemical processes in a better (greener) way. I am a Bio-engineer in chemistry by training. Did my PhD in heterogeneous catalysis. Active in inorganic chemistry and materials science (as it is crucial to develop new catalysts) and in solid state characterization (as it is crucial to understand and optimize them). Now trying to put the focus on the use of enzymes in the field of heterogeneous (bio)catalysis. Also looking more specifically at processes with high environmental impact (degradation of pollutants, biomass conversion, chemical transformation of CO2). In my spare time, I am working with External Diffusion, offering consultancy services on all things related to web communication for scientists (blogging, social media, publishing, etc.).

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