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The author of this blog is the co-founder of External Diffusion, a start-up company which offers a range of services, mainly centered on web communication for scientists. You can follow External Diffusion on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

external diffusion logo - blogging your science and sharing on social media

External Diffusion offers consultancy services and training. In particular, we help individual scientists, academic institutions, scientific editors or publishers, as well as private companies in all things related to

  • Social media for scientists: getting started with social media, everyday management of social media accounts, building a relevant audience
  • Blogging: getting started with a new scientific blog, building an audience
  • Science communication: press release, infographics, illustration
  • Online presence: leveraging on a good website and on efficient web communication
  • e-reputation management for scientists, groups, institutions or brands
  • Community management
  • Advice with scientific publications: choice of the journal where to publish, communication with editors, preparation of good illustrations and plots
  • Open access publication and self-archiving
  • Altmetrics

Interested? Contact us: damien ‘at’ externaldiffusion ‘dot’ com

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