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The Debecker lab aims at developing new heterogeneous catalysts and biocatalysts, paving the way to more sustainable chemical processes. Using techniques at the interface between materials chemistry, biochemistry and chemical engineering, our expertise lies in the preparation of innovative solid (bio)catalysts and in their evaluation in relevant conditions.


We are an international team, working on the three pillars of catalysis science: preparation, performance evaluation, and characterization 

We use a variety of catalysts preparation methods to obtain oxides and mixed oxides with precise chemical, structural and textural properties, metal-based catalysts with a good control on metal dispersion, hybrid materials with desired surface functionalities, or immobilized enzymes. By exploring innovative preparation methods we develop new catalytic formulations and we fine-tune the catalysts properties in a search for new and improved catalytic performance.

We measure catalytic performance in the relevant reaction conditions, mimicking actual industrial or every-day life applications to assess the essential features of the catalysts: activity, selectivity, specificity, stability, recyclability. We work in various fields including environmental catalysis, biomass upgrading, biorefinery, fine chemistry, petro chemistry, chemo-enzymatic and green cascade reactions, etc.

We characterize solid catalysts and biocatalysts with the help of a large panel of physico-chemical techniques. We study their composition, structure, texture, surface, morphology, stability, etc. From there, we establish correlations between properties and performance.

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  • Check out our lab page with all the details about equipment and services we can provide
  • Check out our publication list (or my Google Scholar profile)
  • Stay tuned for updates and job opportunities by following the news page
  • Apply for a research position: damien ‘dot’ debecker ‘at’ uclouvain ‘dot’ be
  • Follow me on social media: @Deuxbeck or LinkedIn

We are based in Louvain-La-Neuve (Belgium) at the University of Louvain. We are part of the Institute of Condensed Matter and Nanosciences. In the everyday life, we work closely with the group of Prof. Eric Gaigneaux. We are working together on several joint projects and we are sharing all the lab space, equipment, and support staff.

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view of louvain-la-neuve

Our research group is getting financial support from the following agencies, programmes and companies.





  1. Dear Dr. Debecker Damien,

    We hope you are doing great!

    Meet Nobel Laureate Professor Richard Royce Schrock at our conference Chemical Engineering and Catalysis World Forum which will be held during May 23-25, 2022 in London, UK as a speaker.

    We would like to know your interest to attend our conference “Chemical Engineering and Catalysis World Forum” which will be held during May 23-25, 2022 in London, UK.


    Wilson A

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